The Braidwood Bakery

Established in 1932

Providing locals and tourists a familiar place to meet and chat with friends or to stop and relax before continuing your journey.

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The Braidwood Bakery has origins steeped in tradition and is proud to continue a legacy that began in 1932 with the famous Leeson family. Since its inception some nine decades ago the bakery has been providing both locals and travellers a great place to meet and chat with friends or to stop and relax, before continuing their journey.
Braidwood is conveniently located at the top of the Clyde Mountain and is a gateway for travellers to the South Coast from all of southern New South Wales and Canberra.
The bakery has changed hands many times throughout its illustrious history and was most recently purchased by Keith Woodman and his family, who continue to operate this thriving little business.

Opening daily, the bakery guarantees the availability of a huge choice of exceptional delicacies to enjoy with a freshly brewed coffee. Throw in the charming customer service from its many local employees and a comfortable space to sit down and dine, and you have The Braidwood Bakery: the perfect place to visit and enjoy.

You can either enjoy your meal indoors or savour it outside on a sunny day.

The Braidwood Bakery

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